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Patron Confidentiality Policy

  1. The Library Board of Directors recognizes its responsibility to protect the privacy of each patron’s personal records relating to their use of library materials.  We affirm patrons’ Freedom to Read, as set forth by the American Library Association (Attachment 1). 
  2. Records are required for controlling the use of library materials both on and off the library premises.  These records are not in any way intended for the purpose of monitoring a user’s reading or pursuit of information.  Circulation records are kept to protect public property.  Summary statistics of library use are kept to measure organizational activity. 
  3. Any record maintained or received by Lisbon Public Library, which provides a library patron’s name or information sufficient to identify a patron together with the subject about which the patron requested information, is considered private and is exempted from the public records disclosure requirements of NDCC 44-04-18 pursuant to NDCC 40-38-12 (Attachment 2) and shall not be made available upon request of any person other than the patron. 
  4. However, library records shall be released when required pursuant to a court order, search warrant, or subpoena.  Only the Library Director or his/her representative is authorized to release requested records pursuant to a court order, search warrant, or subpoena.  A complete record of the information released, a signed receipt form and a copy of the court order, search warrant, or subpoena will be retained in a file designated by the Directory.  Should any question arise, the Library Director will consult the Library Board of Directors and the City Attorney.
  5. The Library Board shall take steps to request that the issuing court grant an appropriate court order to assure that any information released pursuant to a court order, search warrant, or subpoena shall be limited to the specific need for which it was requested and further released only to a person with the need to know the information.


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