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Materials Selection – Ultimate responsibility for materials selection rests with the Library Director and the Lisbon Public Library Board.

  1. Every attempt will be made to provide a wide range of materials with diversity of appeal and presentation for different points of view.

  2. Selections will reflect the expressed and anticipated needs of the patrons and the community served by the library.

  3. Materials selections will be governed by budget consideration.

Video Collection- materials for this collection will be selected to serve patrons' needs for a variety of skills, particularly those most easily learned through a visual medium

Interlibrary Loans- Books loaned from other libraries across the state

  1. When the library is unable to supply a patron with the material or information needed within the local library, an interlibrary loan may be requested from North Dakota State Library.
  2. When items are received from another library, there will be a charge per request to cover the cost of postage. The patron is responsible for payment of the incurred expense before the item leaves the library.


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