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Overdue Policy

  1. The charge for overdue items will be ten (10) cents per day per item.

  2. The library patron assumes the responsibility to return library materials borrowed on or before the due date of the materials. If the patron has not returned the materials on time, he/she has violated the policy established by the library board and is subject to any charges resulting from a violation of this policy.

  3. The library has no responsibility to send an overdue notice to the patron. The notice is sent because material has not been returned according to the established library policy. The patron is responsible for paying established charges resulting from a violation of this policy.

  4. The first overdue notice shall be sent electronically when the item is due, and again when the accruing charge reaches two (2) dollars.

  5. Patrons with overdue materials will have their borrowing privileges suspended until the materials and all overdue charges have been returned and/or paid.

  6. Resources lost due to a disaster (flood, fire, etc) will not be charged to the patron.

  7. If a resource is not usable (illegible or lost), the patron is asked to pay the full replacement cost of the item. If the resource is damaged or unusable, the patron will be asked to pay full replacement cost of the item using the librarian’s discretion.


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