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Much has changed in the past few years at Lisbon Public Library. 
Libraries in general are not as quiet as they used to be.
Our hours have increased from 31 to 37 hours per week.
We've gone from three computers to seven.
More adults than ever are using our computers. 
We have many more new books for children due to very successful Scholastic Book Fairs, and many more new books for adults than ever before.
We have our own website. 
We now have an outdoor sign. Funding came from:
1 Silent Auction
2 Used Book Sales
1 In-house fundraiser
We have a lively book club that meets every five weeks. 
We now have a large employee parking lot. 
We have an annual Used Book Sale in the spring, a Summer Story Hour for six weeks during the summer, a Scholastic Book Fair in late August, a Mum Sale/Bake Sale in September, and a Holiday Bake Sale in December.

Our patrons are:
Adults, children, and everyone in-between
Newcomers to the community
Visitors passing through
People who stay at the local motels
Those without home computers or internet
Those whose home computer is on the blink
Those needing our services:
Proctoring of online college exams

Our printer has a scan-to-email feature that is used daily, for personal and/or business needs.

We are Wi-Fi accessible. People bring their laptops and are invited to spend a few hours or an entire day. Our Wi-Fi is on 24/7. Use it. It's for your convenience!

Our computers are used for:
License renewals and applications
Tax forms
 Unemployment reporting
Employment applications
Plane reservations
The list goes on and on. . .

Currently, the demand for books remains strong. Older patrons much prefer text over electronic reading.

Regarding our most immediate needs besides books and related reading materials, there is always something that requires updating or replacing, such as computers.

Donations are vital for maintaining our current hours at 37 hours per week. We are entirely dependent upon donations to supply our every need.

Thank you, each and every one of you, who has donated money, supplies, magazines, or books. It's what keeps our library going strong!


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