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Star Award - 2017

Star Award - 2018

In 2017, the North Dakota State Library started formally recognizing public libraries that truly go above and beyond in the service they provide to their communities.

Lisbon Public Library was compared to other libraries in North Dakota with similar operating expenditures and population.

North Dakota State Library utilized the statistically-rigorous model which Library Journal employs for their Library index in order to identify the state's stars.

Libraries were first divided into peer groups based upon total operating expenditures, so they would only be compared to those of similar means. Within each group they looked at measures reflecting a range of services: circulation, central branch service hours, program attendance, combined computer and WiFi usage, and the percentage of NDLCC Standards for Public Libraries met.

For figures where it made sense to do so, those were scaled per capita to level the playing field. Libraries were compared to the average performance within their peer group for each metric. This methodology allowed them to objectively determine which were shining brightest overall.

The North Dakota Public Library Statistics map has been updated with the information from the 2017 public library annual reports submitted to the State Library. Check out how your library compares to other libraries around the state and in your same population tier. Copy and paste into your browser, or click on the link.